Woman's Thursday Club of Fair Oaks



The use of the clubhouse and grounds is available to the public as a rental subject to the terms of the rental policy and the approval of the board of directors. It is under the supervision of the clubhouse rental manager. The rental fee, to be paid in advance, is $50 for two (2) hours, $100 for up to four (4) hours of use and $200 for a full day.

Members may rent at a rate of $30. for up to eight (8) hours on one day for personal use only. Personal use is defined for such events as birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions. Should a member use the clubhouse for a memorial event because of a death in her immediate family, there will be NO charge.

A refundable security deposit of $65. is required for all rentals. An exception in the rental fee rate and the requirement of a refundable rental deposit shall be made for the rental of the clubhouse as a precinct polling place.

The properties of the club shall not be removed for rental or loan to any individual or organization. Removal or disposal of any club property or document must have prior approval of the board of directors.

Note: There are 60 chairs for audience seating, 6 rectangular tables and 6 Bridge tables. The main room can accommodate 35 sit down diners. The main room measures 650 square feet in size. Kitchen privileges are available with special permission. Renter is required to remove all trash. Parking at front and back of building (tandem). No hard liquor is permitted on the premises.