Woman's Thursday Club of Fair Oaks


The Woman's Thursday Club of Fair Oaks was organized in March of 1902 by a group of like-minded women in the community. Their interest in literary, musical and social activities brought them together on two Thursdays a month.

They held their meetings in their homes until the first clubhouse was built by the members and their families in 1913. This clubhouse was used until it was sold in 1954. The current clubhouse, purchased the following year, continues to provide for club membership and community use.

Members in 1912

The first clubhouse
During the 100 years following the organization of the club, the membership has increasingly participated in charitable and philanthropic activities. A few of the many projects initiated by the membership are establishment of scholarships, donations to child welfare and supporting local improvements, projects and community activities. Special-interest sections, social gatherings and outstanding fund-raising events have also filled the agenda.
All of the club's past and present activities indicate the significant role The Woman's Thursday Club has played in fostering "Service, Culture and Friendship" in our community.

Past Presidents

Original Constitution (1902)

Members in 1950