Fair Oaks Historical Society Newsletter
Volume 69
July 2004

Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse
7997 California Avenue
Please remember to bring a casserole, salad, or dessert to share with others.

Editors: Susan Burmaster & Marilyn Pearce
Publisher: Jim Pearce

President's Message:

Harry Voth, our first President of the Fair Oaks Historical Society, at the January12, 1976, meeting stated "The Society is virtually moribund" (in a dying condition). This could not be further from the truth!

What fun times we have had-- such as the quilt show at our April 27 , 2004 meeting. We were there at the Fair Oaks Fiesta May 1 & 2 thanks to many of our members representing the Fair Oaks Historical Society.

  We participated at Fair Oaks Cemetery District May 29, 2004, Veterans Memorial. The Historical representative, Lois Frazier and many of the members were serving refreshments at the close of the memorial service.

Sorry, Harry , "moribund" is not in our vocabulary.

Keep a smile on your face and bring a Neighbor.

The best pot luck in town,
Lynn & the Schwilks make their

Guest speaker, Cathering Kripta,
& Vice President, Sherry Wood
SMILE after a great quilting program.

Editor's note - Our apologies to the Schwilks for misspelling their name in the printed newsletter - Sue and Marilyn.

Vice-President's Message:

Program: July 2004
Jim Pearce "Fair Oaks Historical Societyís" Web Page

The program for the July 2004 meeting will be on "Fair Oaks Historical Societyís" Web Page. Our guest speaker will be Jim Pearce a member of FOHS. Jim has been working hard at designing FOHSís Web Page. He will share with us how having a Web Page will help to tell the history of Fair Oaks to others.

A Recap of April 2004ís Program:

I would like to thank Catherine Kripta, of Auntie Emís Quilts & Comforts who was our guest speaker. Some of Catherineís areas of special interest are restoration, quilt history, historical provenance, 19th and 20th century quilts. Catherine is very knowledgeable on quilts in history. She was able to help even those who had no interest in quilting to understand and appreciate how quilts can tell history. I would like to thank Catherine for sharing her knowledge and her quilts with us. If you have questions about quilting she can be reached at (916) 483-6432 or e-mail ckypta@surewest.net.

I also would like to thank a number of our members who shared their quilts telling Fair Oaks history and some of their own family history.