Fair Oaks Historical Society Newsletter

Volume 67
January 2004


Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse
7997 California Avenue
Please remember to bring a casserole, salad, or dessert to share with others.

Editors: Marilyn Pearce & Susan Burmaster

President's Message:

Happy New Year To Everyone!!

Here is wishing that we all stay in good health and have a profitable 2004! It is this time of year that the gavel and responsibilities are passed on to our new officers. We welcome:

President - Russ Monroe
Vice President - Sherry Wood
Secretary - Diana Lennon
Treasurer - Meg Smart

Join us at the pot luck dinner January 27th and meet our incoming officers.

I have had two nice years as President, and wish to thank you, all the board members and standing committees for your help and support.

Special thanks to Frances Sargent for stepping in as secretary for the year. I have been asked to be in charge of ways and means next year so I'll be in contact with you to help out the raffle items. We still need 1-2 volunteers to do table decorations for our 4 pot luck meetings. If you are interested, call me or Russ Monroe as soon as possible.

See you at the Pot Luck January 27th and do bring a friend!

January 27. 2004


Steve Abbott

Last January our program was a pot pourri of interesting stories told by Fair Oaks Members. This was one of our most interesting and popular programs. So, we are doing it again.

This time we are narrowing the scope to "THE MOST____." The subject could go - the most generous person, the stingiest person, the kindest person, the meanest person, the most brilliant person, the dumbest person, the richest person, the poorest person...you get the idea. You can create your own category, but try to limit it to superlatives, honorifics or pejoratives.

And you only have to take two to three minutes, not more than five, please. This request was circulated at the December 14, 2003 open Holiday Open House. As a result, we have NO firm commitments yet. So if we don't get five to ten, it's going to be a short program.

Please call your new vice-president and program chairperson SHERRY WOOD at 944-4812. Please don't make us beg!


Several board members attended the December 18th. F.O. Rec and Park Board meeting and requested a new sound system for the Community Club House. Larry Masuoka submitted a total package for interior and exterior components amounting to $18,000. That package has been put on a wish list for '04. Russ Monroe will bring up for discussion the Historical Society helping to get the project started with some seed money in cooperation with the park district.

A BIG BRAVO and THANKS go to BOB MASSEY who has gifted the society with early receipts from Fair Oaks businesses. They date between 1928-1933. This donation will be of interest to all who visit our museum to learn more about its growth and development.


We need someone who can be responsible for making computer entries and training a few of us to use the program. There are thousands of entries which need to be made, and a few who are willing to do so. But, we need someone to train us. Please call Lois or Steve. Thanks!

Notes of Interest



Our Christmas Open House was held on December 14, 2003. Thirty-eight visitors signed the guest book. Thanks to all who furnished refreshments.

The History Center is located in the Administration Building at the Fair Oaks Cemetery. The hours are 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Docents are needed for the 2nd Sunday of every month. If you would like to be a docent, call 967-2967.

A light proof cover has been made by JoAn Heidt for the case housing the original copy of the Fair Oaks Progress newspaper. Many thanks to JoAn...

There are some different pictures on the wall and new items in the "cigar case". Stop by any 2nd Sunday.

Fran Sargent, Lois Frazier, Larry and Meg Smart, Gordon and JoAn Heidt, Diana Lennon and Bob Barrett, Billy Hinsey, Charley Blatchford and Ralph Carhart, June Melvin and Ione Radonich, Joe and Mary Debrowolski.

Fair Oaks Historical Society Application

January 2004








Membership fees for the fiscal year 2002 include:


Dues are payable on
January 1 and shall
become delinquent
after that date.

Individual.............12.00 Family.................16.00 Supporting.............37.00 Single Life Member....150.00 Family Life Member....225.00

Amount enclosed $__________ for ______ number of persons.

Mail with check made out to

"Fair Oaks Historical Society"
P O BOX 2044, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

For more information call 916-967-2967 or 916-961-7174.