Fair Oaks Historical Society
Virtual Walking Tour

Loop 4 - Cemetery

Welcome to Loop 4 of the Fair Oaks Virtual Walking Tour. We call this the "Digger Loop" after Ray "Digger" Young, the long time manager of the Fair Oaks Cemetery District who has supported the Fair Oaks Historical Society over the years and has been very enthusiastic about this project. He and his staff provided much of the material included in this loop. He retired November 1, 2017 and will be greatly missed.

This loop is a virtual walking tour of the Fair Oaks Cemetery, and the notable families of historic Fair Oaks that are buried here. Many other prominent founders of Fair Oaks are buried in other cemeteries in the area or in their family cemetery in the cities and towns from which they came, so this is not an exhaustive list. It does, however, represent a cross section of the original settlers and we include their stories.

Please use due care for your own safety. Do not touch or approach headstones or markers, equipment or workers.