Fair Oaks Historical Society
Virtual Walking Tour

Stop 2 - Murphy Building

Looking west across the street you will see the Murphy Building, and several businesses to the right of it.

The Murphy Building was constructed in 1900 at the hands of Rebecca Murphy, wife of Francis Murphy, a notable evangelical preacher. The building housed a meeting hall upstairs (San Juan Hall) and businesses downstairs. At the time it was built, the Fair Oaks business district was along Main St., a quarter of a mile away. Two years or so later most of the businesses relocated west to Howard St. (now Fair Oaks Blvd).

In 1925, the building was totally remodeled and the gingerbread facades were boarded over to create more space inside. Yes, the two buildings below are the same structure.

Return to Fair Oaks Blvd and turn south. Walk along the street until you get to the clock, donated fairly recently by the Fair Oaks Rotary.