Fair Oaks Historical Society
Virtual Walking Tour

Stop 3 - Hinsey's Block

Stand between the Clock and the BBQ Store just south on Fair Oaks Blvd. Look across the street, and you will see the Hinsey Building on the south west corner of Fair Oaks Blvd and California Ave., and the adjoining buildings going south to the used car sales lot.

The first building is called the Hinsey Building (it has the rounded front at the corner of the bldg. This building was constructed in approximately 1942 for Ralph Hinsey, son of William Hinsey, both early settlers in Fair Oaks (you will see mention of both men in Loop 4, and details of their life in Fair Oaks). Ralph Hinsey was the owner of the building, and he occupied the building with his grocery business. The business was later sold to others who continued to use the store as a grocery, and finally sold to be used as an antique and retail business to this date.

The stores you see below in about 1960 included a men's clothing store, the Western Auto Store, Mel's Cafe, a pharmacy, and finally Edgett Motors. Throughout the many years that followed until now, many businesses occupied the buildings including, antique shops, a soda fountain, insurance, a fabric shop, and a bank.

Continue south to where Fair Oaks Blvd. takes a hard right and heads down towards Sunrise Blvd. There is a crosswalk over to the other side of Fair Oaks Blvd. Use the crosswalk (be careful, there's no stop for the traffic rounding the corner) and stand on the far side of the yellow pedestrian mat. Turn around and face south.