Fair Oaks Historical Society

Virtual Walking Tour


Between 10326 & 10336 F. O. Blvd.

The property currently occupied by the Fair Oaks Water District had a vibrant history. The building shown on this page was built on the property around 1905. The original owner used the grounds as a livery stable. Years later it was sold and used as a Dry Cleaning shop. Then sold to Diamond National Lumber Co., until they moved across the street. It was sold again, and became Doc Hoch’s Store/market. Finally in Approx 1986 the store was purchased by Jim Racy, doing business as “ Racy’s Feed and Pet Supply” later to be changed to “Racy’s Garden Décor and Garden Furniture. The Building was bought some 20 years later by the Fair Oaks Water Company. The original building was torn down, and replaced by the new Spanish style structure.

The little blue building was built sometime in the 1950's and currently houses BJ's Little People children's barber shop. Originally it was part of the livery stable grounds.

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