Fair Oaks Historical Society

Virtual Walking Tour

The History Center

10340 F.O. Blvd

This image is from the Sacramento Bee newspaper in 1937. The building on the right is the former Fair Oaks Irrigation District office (currently the Fair Oaks Historical Society History Center). The building on the left was the Water District warehouse where Sunflower Drive-in now stands. The Fair Oaks Irrigation District office was occupied by office staff until about 1950 when they moved into the building that is now Finegold’s Coins and Antiques. In the mid-1960s, Robert and Helen Beach operated an insurance agency from the building. By 1970, the building was occupied by the Buckhorn Barber Shop which remained in business through 1974. In 1988, Buddies Boutique was in business. The building has been occupied by the Fair Oaks Historical Society since 2013.

This the end of Loop 1. If the History Center is open, we would appreciate your coming in to tell us how it went.

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