Issues with the FOHS Walking Tour application

We're putting the first attempt at a Virtual Fair Oaks Walking Tour here for users to test and comment. With a number of different types of hardware, operating systems, security settings and other issues, we would like to have people test the main page and Loop 1 to see if anyone is experiencing problems. Please explain any issues in an e-mail to and we'll do our best to solve them.

In particular, none of us have Samsung type phones or tablets and we need help verifying if the application works there.

Thanks, FOHS staff.




General issues:

We received a question on availability for the disabled. The Walking Tour can be accessed from home as well as walking with a smart phone or tablet. In addition, we're installing the app on our touch screen at the History Center and will be happy to assist anyone wanting access there. If there are any issues regarding disabled access, please contact the staff.