Fair Oaks Historical Society
Virtual Walking Tour

A Self Guided Walking Tour of
the old Fair Oaks Village

Welcome to the Fair Oaks Virtual Walking Tour. For your convenience we have divided the tour into four segments, listed below. Click on any segment to begin that part of the the tour.

Use caution - Please use due care for your own safety. Many Fair Oaks streets do not have sidewalks, so please stay on the side of the street/road shoulder, be attentive to traffic, and remain aware of your surroundings. Stops on the tour are to be observed from publicly accessible areas only. Please do not enter private properties/areas and do not disturb tenants or residents located along the loop routes. Enjoy a safe walk.

The Fair Oaks Walking Tour should work on any device with Internet connectivity. You may have to adjust your browser viewing and security settings to view the app in the best light. If you drop by the History Center, we can help you find the best settings for your device.

If you're home, you'll find a link to the tour on our website. Please let us know if you have any difficulties. and be sure to read the special instructions below. Enjoy!

Issues & special insutructions