Fair Oaks Founding Fathers

From time to time, when doing research on Fair Oaks, I find myself faced with a surname and want to know if this was an original Fair Oaks Colony property owner. Fortunately, the 1896 "Heart of California" advertising magazine has a "partial list of purchasers and residents of Fair Oaks, Nov. 1, 1896." Unfortunately, the list is not in alphabetical order and it takes forever to look someone up. So, I decided to scan the two page list, convert the scanned picture to text, and plug it into a database. Below are the results, sorted by last name.

Jim Pearce, webmaster

ID first last note
31 A.H. Adams New York City
16 Chas. Arnold Manufacturer, Illinois.
78 Orrin M. Baldwin Don Palos,Cal.
49 Sarah B. Beaton Illinois.
119 Nick Beecher Illinois.
137 T.O. Berg Illinois.
47 Percy W. Bishop Dairyman, Illinois.
104 Thos. L. Blake California.
102 Mrs. L. Boston Illinois.
57 Mrs. Belle Bowers Chicago.
116 W.E. Bracken Pennsylvania.
70 Frank J. Bramhall Adv. Mngr. Mich. Central Ry
109 Emma Buckholtz Illinois.
124 Anna M. Buffham Pittsburg. Pa.
63 Mrs. Isabel Cash St. Louis, Mo.
94 Prof. Elmore Chase New Mexico.
108 Prof. A. L. Chateauneuf California.
111 A. W. Clare California.
74 William D. Clark Illinois.
28 Theo.M. Clark Horticulturist, Ohio.
39 John Cleave New York City.
51 A.W. Colby Illinois.
140 Isaac B. Crafts Illinois.
50 Squire E. Crosby Nebraska.
132 John H. Cunningham Farmer, Minnesota.
133 John H. Denton Farmer, Minnesota.
66 D. D. Dickson Farmer, Missouri
30 Mary J. (sic Gary) Dixon Kansas.
110 W. K. Dobbins Minnesota
18 Prof. J. G. Dolbel Rhode Island.
27 Jesse Dorsh Horticulturist, Ohio.
11 T. L. Downing Farmer, Minnesota.
23 R. C. Dufour Manufacturer, Illinois.
59 Rev. J. Ehmke Wisconsin.
91 Theo.C. Fitch Printer, Tennessee
107 F. J. Folsom Fair Oaks, Cal.
53 H. E. Forrester Doctor, New York.
87 R. Fritsche Chicago.
17 William Fritz Barber, Illinois.
13 Nicholas Froebe farmer, Illinois.
22 Rev. E. I. Galvin Chicago.
10 Wm, S. Gary Lawyer, Illinois.
93 A. E. Gates Iowa.
117 Mre. Charlotte M. Gillespie Chicago.
2 Tom L. Girard British Columbia
40 Lizzie Gore Illinios.
4 Henry Grandman Caterer, Chicago.
95 L Grenell Kansas.
24 Chas. Gum Chicago.
114 W. L. Gumm Florist, Indiana.
123 C. E. Hann Civil Engineer, Indiana.
3 Art G. Hargis Commercial traveler
99 N. F. Harris Michigan.
80 James Harris Illinois.
84 John J. Hauser Merchant., Pennsylvania.
139 L. Helland Illinois.
135 John S. Hicks Michigan.
42 Mrs. E. Hills Kansas.
129 A. T. Hodge Vice Pres't and Treasurer Chicago Paper Co.
113 E. J. Hollet Merchant, Indiana.
46 Chas. F. Holman Druggist, Missouri.
73 Thomas Holmes Manufacturer.. Chicago.
75 J.R. Holst Minnesota.
144 Arthur M. Hubbs AssL Mgr. Fair Oaks Colony...
5 Paul F. Hulings Capt-U.S. Cadets, Cincinnati.
32 S. L. Hunskaar Railway service, South Dakota.
26 T. M. Hyland Conductor, Illinois.
19 Albert Ingalls Bank Cashier, Chicago.
71 P.H. Ingraham Minnesota.
37 Edward A. Jenkins Plumber, Philadelphia
115 Capt. Benj. W. Jerome U.S. Life Saving Service, Florida
126 W. H. Jordan Clerk, Chicago.
34 T. J. Kale Farmer, Kansas.
35 E. E. Kale Merchant, Kansas.
105 Earl D. Keith Illinois.
77 Mrs. Carrie A. Keith Illinois.
64 Geo. E. King Asst. Pass. Agt., Mich Central Ry
12 T. T. Kirkpatrick Doctor, Illinois.
9 G. W. Knight Actor, Massachusetts.
100 R, Lemont Chicago.
96 John Leonard Iowa
55 I Lester Wisconsin
136 John A. Londerberg Illinois.
54 C. B. Macdonald Kansas.
128 Alfred F. Marshall Massachusetts.
82 E. H. Matthews Capitalist.. Illinois.
121 Johnston McBride California
15 James McClain Illinois.
81 Prof. Thomas O. McClure Chicago.
122 William McEwen Chicago.
125 L. A. Midness Illinois.
88 W. L Miller Gen'l Ticket Agt., Pull-man Palace Car Co, Chicago.
85 Rev. B. Fay Mills Evangelist, New York.
58 Neils Monson Illinois.
141 M. Moore Retired farmer, Iowa.
86 John C. Morrison Minnesota.
134 James Morrow Supt Libby, McNeill and Libby Packing Co, Chicago.
146 James C. Morrow West Virginia.
72 J.W. Morton Minnesota.
118 Gostave H. Nerger Chicago.
69 Mary A. O'Neill Philadelphia.
76 S. I. Osgood Iowa.
6 Arthur Overton Rhode Island.
7 Gen. Robt Parker Banker, Indiana.
65 Paul Pause Lithographer, Chicago.
97 W. W. Peasely Iowa
127 Ed. J. Phelan Merchant, Michigan.
33 L.S. Phillips Pennsylvania.
20 J S. Phillips Farmer, Illinois.
14 J, M. Phoenix Merchant, Minnesota
44 Horace H. Pierce Minnesota
8 John C. Porter Actor, New York
103 J.M. Randall Merchant.Fair Oaks. Cal.
79 E. J. Rees San Francisco, C
52 Chas. Roediger Horticulturist, Chicago.
62 0. W. Ruggles Gen'l Pass. Agt. Mich.Central Ry
38 Rosetta Russell Chicago.
61 A. E. Sexton Printer, Chicago.
89 L. M. Shelton Merchant and P.M, Fair Oaks, Cal.
90 Ida M. Shepherd Teacher, Minnesota.
67 B. P. Shepherd Minnesota.
45 C.H. Siddall Cashier, Chicago.
68 Laura B. Skeels California.
29 N. R. (sic J. R.) Smith Farmer, Kansas.
120 E. S. Smith Post Master, South Haven, Mich
83 LillieS. Stephenson Illinois.
138 G. G. Strickland Bank Teller, Minnesota
112 E. J, Tailaferro Merchant, Washington.
48 Jos. B. Thompson Supt 111. State Penitentiary, Illinois.
130 Gen'l J. F. Thompson Banker, Forest City, Ia.
131 Col. E. M. Thompson Banker, Rock Rapids, Ia
106 Mrs. Margaret Trimmer Kansas.
43 Everett H. Tripp Coal Dealer, Illinois.
21 T. Vehmeyer Banker, Illinois.
60 Grant Wallace Cartoonis. Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn.
98 U. B. Watkins Teacher, Fair Oaks, Cal.
41 T. H. Watson Merchant, Illinois.
92 William Weber Architect, Chicago.
101 D. W. Whipple Druggist..Wisconsin.
25 Mrs. Caroline B. S. Wilcox Farmer, Illinois.
1 David Williams Farmer, British Columbia
143 Sam'l Wilson Asst, Supt Pullman Palace Car Co, New York.
145 Jas. W. Wilson Mngr. Fair Oaks Colony
36 A. J. Wool San Francisco Examiner, California.
56 Warren J. Woolman Wisconsin.
142 Allen Young Illinois.