Great news, the new book on Fair Oaks history in the Images of America Series by Arcadia Publishers showing Fair Oaks history through pictures is here.

Dr. Lee Simpson and Public History PhD candidate Paul Sandul of Sacramento State University published this book with the cooperation of the Fair Oaks Historical Society, many of its members, Fair Oaks citizens, and organizations.

There are over 200 images in the book showing Fair Oaks’ diverse history, its community, and its residents.

The Fair Oaks Historical Society will be selling this book for $20 as a fund raiser. Please support your Historical Society and community by buying this enjoyable picture book of Fair Oaks history. To obtain a copy of the book please call Joe Dobrowolski at 916-961-6561 and put in your order, or you can click here for the order form and instructions.

The Fair Oaks Bluff at the American River has been called “The Crown Jewel of the American River Parkway” and offers perhaps the most spectacular vista in all of Sacramento County. Since the 1800s, this historic and scenic spot has been enjoyed by residents and visitors of the Sacramento Valley. Its vegetation includes California prairie and a dense blue and interior live oak forest where wildlife and wildflowers abound. The area is currently inhabited by deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, hawks, and opossums. Recently, to protect this cherished part of Fair Oaks, and Sacramento County’s history, a local contingent formed as the “Citizens to Save the Bluffs” and purchased the area so that visitors could continue to wander among the native trees and wildflowers and enjoy the breathtaking views of the river like the many generations before did. Swimming, fishing, and picnicking were as popular with the pioneers and early settlers of Fair Oaks as they are today.

---Lee Simpson and Paul Sandul

The Fair Oaks Historical Society would like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to the publication of this book. We would also like to thank those of you in advance for purchasing the book whose funds will help to support the Fair Oaks Historical Society’s continued efforts to preserve and share Fair Oaks history.


Joe Dobrowolski, President
Fair Oaks Historical Society